1.  KPluz encourages you to be responsible for your own learning. As such, you are allowed to choose the subject/module that you want to practice on every time you log in for a learning session.


2.  Upon successful log-in, you will be shown the subject menu. Activate the subject that you want to practice on by clicking on your chosen subject on this menu.
3. Once you click on a subject, you will be shown the various topics or modules for that subject. The most basic topics are shown first. Just click on any of these topics to start working on exercises.
4. Once you click on a topic, KPluz will start asking questions. Just type in or click on your answer as instructed. KPluz will record all your correct and wrong answers.
5. Consistent use of KPluz will help you achieve academic excellence. You will be able to monitor your progress for each subject by clicking on the 'My Report Card' icon on the subject's home page menu.
6. Your progress is shown in terms of your correct answers over the total number of questions you've answered and its equivalent % score.
7. You will also see a graphical bar representing your progress for each topic in your progress report. An 'empty' green bar means that you have not yet registered a single correct answer for that topic. A single yellow square inside the bar means that you've started collecting correct answers. Yellow squares will be added inside the bar as you get more and more correct answers.
8. When you have already successfully completed the requirements to pass a topic, the bar for that topic will become blue with the word 'PASSED' written over it.  This is what we call a 'blue bar.'  Your mission is to collect as many blue bars as you can across all five subjects.
9. You don't have to finish a topic before you can go to the next. You can work on several topics for each subject every day to enhance your skills and build up your scores.
10. When all the bars in your progress report have become blue, then you have already completed the entire KPluz program for that subject. Try to complete all the subjects included in KPluz.





1.  Don't share your username and password with anybody else because their wrong answers will pull down your performance ratings in your report card!


2. To switch to another subject in the middle of a learning session, you need to go back to the subject menu. To do this, simply click on the KPluz logo in the navigation bar. Depending on where you are, you may need to click on the KPluz logo more than once to return to the subject menu.


3. Do not work on modules or topics that have not yet been taught to you before.  You might accumulate too many wrong answers doing so, which will prevent you from getting a blue bar for that module in the future.


4. For the same reason as Tip # 3, do not work on modules or topics that have already been taught to you before, but you have already forgotten.  Ask your teacher to reteach the required skills and concepts to you before working on such modules. You must also read up on these topics to get you back on track with them.


5. IMPORTANT: Answer a question as soon as you can. Do not open a question and then leave to eat, play, or do something else without answering it. Your browser will erase the question from its memory after several (usually 30) minutes of keyboard inactivity. You'll get a wrong answer if you go back to this unanswered question after it has been erased.


6. IMPORTANT: Open only one question at a time because browsers only remember the last KPluz question. As a rule, you must immediately answer an open question before opening another one.  If you open a second question before answering the first one, KPluz will mark your answer wrong if you go back to the first question and answer it. This is because the browser is expecting the answer to the second question.  In short, open and answer only one question at a time.


7. IMPORTANT: After answering your first question in any module, go to your report card and check if your score for this question has been recorded.  Continue answering more questions only if your report card got updated for your first answer.  Problems with your browser's cookies can sometimes prevent scores from being recorded, so checking if your report card is updating properly must be done before pursuing your blue bar in any module.



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